Waneth Magicus!

25 Nov

Alright, so I watched a little too much of the news after the Bihar elections. Clearly, it’s fun when an image is painstakingly constructed in the last few years and then it seems to crash and burn so terribly. Harry’s surely in for a tough time next year!


Desh Bandhi

5 Jul

We don’t give no new suggestions…

We don’t offer no compelling arguments…

We don’t propose no policy prescriptions…

We just go off on our own tangents…

Cuz we are the League of Bandh’its’…

And that’s how we roll…

Title Leanings?

3 Jul

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This one, however, is worth much more when you come to think of it.

The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is truly complex, with a number of factors cross-connecting with each other.

But what’s unambiguous, is the verdict delivered in the screenshot image above.

Whether positive or negative, it is uncool for the media to do so…

What say you?

Right answer, Wrong question

29 Jun

Governance failures, inadequacies in the security infrastructure, political opportunism…what’s happening in Kashmir?

Nah those questions and the answers to them don’t fit in a 30-minute format.

Let’s just focus on what we had helped build…

Chidambaram visits Pakistan

28 Jun

While the Indian Home Minister’s recent visit to Pakistan created a flutter on desi TV screens and news websites, there were mere cursory mentions of the trip in the Pakistani media.

Most, nearly all, of the major Pakistani news websites actually carried it as third lead at best (behind blasts in a Lahore CD market and the arrival of new F-16s), while some kept the story, as part of the larger SAARC meeting report, buried in a sea of many others.

In India, however, the preview and review of the trip saw TV prophets explaining to us that after the good cop act of Nirupama Rao, India had sent in the real deal in the shape of the “tough talking” and “straight shooting” Home Minister.

With all that mental muscle, who could doubt it that the gangsta from Sivaganga would do as promised – as one channel put it: “Chidambaram Shakes Up Pakistan.”

And with that get up, well who wouldn’t?